Handy Information

Importer/ exporter need to know about certain issues before and during movement of goods to & fro Nepal. Ignorance is not an excuse and could cost you tangible amount of money and time resulting in delay or holding of shipments. Among various issues we had share below few for your understanding.

  • Any import & export of goods to and fro Nepal should be against payment from buyer to seller through proper banking channel, failure to produce payment document will incur penalty of 101% + value of goods.
  • In air cargo shipment volume weight will be calculated on basis of length X width X height in cms divided by 6000, actual weight of volume weight whichever will be higher will be consider for billing.
  • Max height of pallet accepted for air cargo shipment to Nepal is 160 cms as KTM is service by lower deck aircraft and had no cargo freighter service is currently available.
  • You need to provide MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet) to get rate from airlines and shipping line if shipment contains batteries, commercials or if goods can't be consider as general goods. It is intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures.
  • Kathmandu cargo terminal does not have operation cold storage facilities.
  • Familiar with custom and local issues.
  • Calcutta port is only seaport used for ocean shipment, it is served by feeder vessels only.
  • Shipment to Nepal had to go through custom clearance at Calcutta, India. Complete set of documents including Letter of Authority is required.
  • Empty shipping line containers need to be returned back to shipping line yard at Calcutta, India after delivery of goods in Nepal. Container detentions is calculated till empty containers are deposited back at Calcutta, India.
  • Nepalese registered firm can only import shipment, shipper can't be shown as importer on record.